Gässli Film Festival: poster

I submitted a poster design for the Gässli Film Festival in Basel in collaboration with Vaidehi Hofer.

Gässli Film Festival: teaser

We also submitted a teaser in the same style as the poster. Our goal was to combine the urban atmosphere of the festival with the topic 'film' with the sound. The parallel work on different media and formats was very crucial for the result.

gas station

A tabloid should be created on the topic 'gas station'. After an internet research on the topic, I noticed again and again the connection, which many seem to make, between driving a car and the male sex. This connection of driving a car with sex, violence/aggression and masculinity is very absurd to me. Sexist headlines like 'man left - woman right' are very extreme examples, but I'm very much interested in questioning the gender role images that are deeply rooted in our society.


I organised a festival together with several friends. That's how the dionysia collective started. Together we organise events that are meant to create an open space for diverse groups of people to come together. The events are non-commercial and follow the principles of no intolerance, no vandalism!

I made flyers for the events, designed motifs to print on t-shirts, programmed live visuals to music (more on that in the last project), organised, built, crafted and decorated.


Every year at the beginning of spring there is an Instagram challenge called '36daysoftype'. For 36 days you design a letter or number and post it on Instagram every day. It was important to me that I was free to do whatever I felt like doing every day, regardless whether the letters would match or not.

fashion revolution

I submitted a proposal for a campain of fashion revolution switzerland. A series of three posters was created and adapted for the social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. The Text means (from left to right) 'bad quality?' - 'focus on the price?' - 'sinking value?'.


outvers is a young design startup that consists of artists with very diverse backgrounds. To communicate this diversity in the visual appearance, I chose simple geometric shapes that can be used for many different things, but still create a recognition value. To show the young, personal appearance of outvers, the salutation in letters is always a 'Grüessech!', a typical way of greeting people in Bern, where the agency is based. I had ping pong balls as giveaways printed with the logo and a QR code linking to the website.

light and depth

A process on the topic of 'light and depth'. The process in a project is very important to me because it's where most of the learning and discovery can take place, which can help in other projects. I like to come up with new ideas out of the making. In this project, I worked primarily analogous, only rarely using the computer as a tool. The tools and materials I use bring their own aesthetics and content to the design. It is important to me to use them consciously. (If you are using a mouse you can hold down 'shift' and then use your scroll wheel to scroll sideways.)

covid porn

Together with Danja Leimgruber I created an animation on the topic before, during and after covid for the 'Bund' essay award ceremony.


p5.js is a JavaScript library that can be used to generate unique visuals by programming. It is possible to program live, i.e. while writing the code the image in the background adapts. Among others, it is well suited to program audio-reactive visuals at a party. Depending on the browser, functionalities may vary.

I like to work with different design approaches and the rational, rule-based kind of generative design is very interesting to me.